Being Equipped

You may have heard the phrase, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” I love being reminded of this truth before I bravely pursue a dream or take a step of faith. I particularly love the word equip. It means to supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose. It also means to perfect, to provide, or to prepare.

We want God to prepare us and make provision, then give us the dream, but that is not how He works. If He did that, there would be no step of faith, no opportunity to trust Him, and ultimately no need for relationship. God puts dreams in your heart to not only give you purpose and to serve others, but ultimately His goal is to bring you closer to Him.

What dreams has God placed in your heart? What is He calling you to in this season? Perhaps you are feeling led to start a business, lead a small group, or invite your neighbor over for coffee. Maybe you feel the nudge to pursue personal growth in your spiritual life. He may be prompting you to open up and be vulnerable with a friend about your hopes and fears. Whatever it may be, I have good news for you: You have everything you need to take your next step. 

John 14:26 says that the Holy Spirit is your helper and your guide. Let Him help. He will provide and equip you with every good thing you need. Will you trust that God has your back? Take that step of faith. You are more than ready, my friend. You’ve got this because He’s got you. 

Reflect and Respond:

1. God has a calling and plan for your life. How does that make you feel?

2. What are the dreams God has put on your heart? Invite a friend out to coffee and share your ideas with her.

3. What action step can you take today?

Encouragement: God will never leave or forsake you. He does not play games, that is not who He is. He will be with you every step of the way, guiding, equipping, and cheering you on!

Recommended Resource: Brave and Scared at The Same Time and Daring Greatly, by Brenee Brown

- Chelsie



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