Right Where You Are

God speaks to me most often through the Bible. It is hard to explain if you have never experienced it. It’s as if the words come alive, and you just know they are for you. Isaiah 52:7 is one of those passages for me. It is highlighted, dated, and “Asheville” is written next to it in my Bible. 

For a solid year I prayed, “Lord where do you want us? We will go wherever you say.” One day He responded, “You choose. I will use you wherever you are.” Cue tears. He is such a good Father and Friend. Some people are drawn to the water; our family is drawn to the mountains, so we made the decision to move to Asheville, NC. Little did we know, God was going to literally place us on top of a mountain! But that is a story for another day…

Oftentimes, we overanalyze our purpose. We imagine starting non-profits, becoming missionaries in Africa, selling all of our possessions to buy an RV and write a blog about our “Christian travels.” While He may have those plans for you, more often than not, He starts with a simple question, “Can I use you where you are?”

If you have committed your life to Jesus, then His Spirit lives inside of you. Therefore, you bring Jesus everywhere you go. He is with you at the grocery store, school, work, you name it, He is there. A confident friend once told me, “When I walk into a store, I think to myself, ‘it is good for these people that I am here.’” He was half way joking, but there is actually truth in that statement.

YOU carry the Good News of Jesus. You are light in a dark world. Be kind and generous, put others first, help those that can’t help themselves, and love everybody always. I have a feeling this is what Jesus meant when He gave the Great Commission. If God wants you in Africa, He will let you know. For now, bring the Good News to your neighbor. And bring cookies while you are at it; everyone enjoys baked goods!

Reflect & Respond:

1. Are you allowing God to use you where you are? Grab a journal, and chat with God about this. Tell him your fears, doubts, and expectations.

2. Who can you share the Good News with today? Ask God to give you the opportunity and the words to say.

3. Does your family know the ways God has impacted your life? Share a few of your “God stories” with them.

Encouragement: You have beautiful feet :)

Recommended Resource: Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People by Bob Goff 



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