The Good Shepherd

God is leading you. He will provide everything you need. His goodness and love are following you. Can you feel freedom rise up within you? Do you feel more confident knowing you are not alone, that He is right by your side? What a powerful reminder that the Good Shepherd guarantees that He will provide rest and refreshment for our souls.

Too often we run ahead of God, trying to do things through our own strength, in our own way. If we continuously do this, burnout is inevitable. This is not the path God designed for you. He does not want you to run on empty, He wants you to run overflowing with His goodness. In order to do this, you must stop striving and allow Him to fill you every day. 

As you pursue your God given purpose, remember to surrender daily to His love and leadership. When you face decisions, resist the urge to rush ahead without receiving direction first. Remember your purpose is not a solo act. God is extremely gracious and will give you exactly what you need. Ask for His help.

Last, but not least, remember that you are a steward of His dreams and visions. They are not yours. You are a manager of the Father’s business. Therefore, it is crucial that you go to Him for wisdom, guidance, and support. 

Reflect & Respond

1. How does God refresh you? Are you refreshed through time spent in the Word, in worship, perhaps in prayer while you take a morning walk? Add that refreshment to your daily to-do list. Share it with a friend, and ask them to hold you accountable to it.

2. Running ahead of God can be tempting. Pray over your goals before making them concrete. Ask yourself, “Am I allowing God to lead me in this, or am I running ahead?”

3. Plan a day or weekend away to get some fresh perspective on the life you are creating. Sign up for a conference or a retreat. A couple of our favorites are The Making Things Happen Conference in Chapel Hill, NC and the Draw Near Retreat in Hampton, TN.

Encouragement: The Father spoke out loud to Jesus three times in the Gospels. Each time He said “I love you. I am proud of you.” Those are the words the Father is speaking over you today.

Recommended Resources: Soul Keeping by John Ortberg and Pete Scazzaro. Podcast: Emotionally Healthy Leader

 - Shannon


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