YOU are God’s Masterpiece

YOU are God’s masterpiece. He looks at you and sees his most precious creation. He looks at you with affection, love, and adoration. I remember seeing Rembrandt’s painting The Night Watch for the first time. I sat in front of that painting in total awe. I looked at the details and thought to myself “incredible.” God looks at you and says “incredible.” 

God longs to whisper your true identity over you. But the process of discovering your identity requires courage and determination. Courage, because you will have to let go of the labels and lies you have been carrying around. And perhaps ever harder, you need to receive His words of love and affirmation. Determination, because the enemy will try to discourage and distract you every chance he gets. Dear one, let me remind you, you are strong and courageous. Do not be afraid.

When you begin to see yourself the way God sees you, everything shifts. You see possibilities, you feel worth, and you start living empowered. You know you are seen and loved, so you feel safe and secure. Comparison becomes an easier battle to fight, because your motivation no longer comes from receiving validation from others. You are fully seen and fully know by the One that made you. He is more than enough. Greed is no longer needed, because you know God is the giver of all good gifts, and his resources are limitless!

As these lights bulbs go off in your heart and mind, start looking for ways to share this good news with others. Love others as you have been loved. Do good with what you have been given, and make it your way of life. This is your purpose.

Reflect & Respond:

1. You are God’s masterpiece, His most precious creation. I imagine Him looking at the Grand Canyon thinking, “Yeah that is nice, but look at her! She is incredible!” Grab a journal, and write down how that makes you feel.

2. What has God given you? How can you serve others with what you have been given?

3. Ask God to reveal your true identity. Ask him to show you the incredible ways He created you.

Encouragement: Never under-estimate the influence and power you have. One small act of kindness, one honest conversation about your faith, has the potential to alter someone’s life. Christ is big in you.

Recommended Resource: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren




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